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Kisserup International Trade Roots was founded in in Nova Scotia, Canada by Pernille Fischer Boulter in 1998. The name Kisserup comes from the Danish town where Pernille grew up, located 50 kilometres from Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe The Kisserup sign utilized throughout our website and in our company profile is the actual sign from the town of Kisserup in Denmark – true to the roots and the origin of our company.


When founding Kisserup, deep roots from the past, the present and the future played a role. Pernille’s family roots trace back as far as the year 875 A.D. and document such figures as the famous Gorm the Old, King of Denmark born around year 875, and Harald Bluetooth, King of Denmark born around year 911. Harald’s son, Sven Tveskæg, was the first King of the Vikings and his son, Canute the Great, was King of England, Denmark and Norway.


Kisserup opened an office in Denmark in 2008 and an office in the Arctic, in Nuuk, Greenland in 2016. From these offices, Kisserup has worked on projects in over 90 countries worldwide. We employ 7 different nationalities among our staff and are consequently multiculturally oriented and have a wealth of language capabilities to deliver project in too.

In order to support the core principle in true capacity building, Kisserup works with local partners in any country we are engaged in. This has also resulted in a huge roster of local Sub Matter Experts who works with us on an ongoing basis.

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arctic office

PO Box 2221
3900 Nuuk


+299 32 44 46

European office

Rådhuspladsen 16
1550 Copenhagen

(+45) 88 96 87 41

north american office

5112 PRince Street, 3rd Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1L3

(+1) 902 405 3880

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