Join us for the How to find a Business Partner in Canada Webinar

With over 40 billion euros of exports per year, Canada is a major market for European goods. The CETA Market Access Programme will be hosting its second webinar of a series, geared towards supporting EU business access into the Canadian market under the framework of CETA, enhancing free trade between the EU and Canada since its recent provisional implementation.

Join Kisserup CEO and Founder Pernille Fischer Boulter on June 11 2020 as she presents on:

-An introduction to Canada’s economy at the federal and provincial levels

-The existing EU-Canada relationship

-A brief foray into Canadian business culture and a step-by-step process on how to find a business partner in Canada

-A hands-on approach to operating in Canada, including visa procedures, labour mobility requirements, legal and logistical steps to merging with or acquisition of Canadian companies, and much more

Register here:

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