Kisserup Holiday Tradition

December 2018: Each holiday season, Kisserup donates funds to a charity that is actively involved within one of the global regions where we are working. This year, we have chosen UPAVIM – A Guatemalan Women’s Organization. UPAVIM  is a 75+ member cooperative association with more than 70 members working as seamstresses and doing handicrafts. In addition, UPAVIM provides employment for the women of the community as teachers, nurses, administrators, cooks, cleaners, secretaries, bakers and soy producers. UPAVIM Crafts (Artesanias) is the heart of UPAVIM. UPAVIM Crafts exports beautiful fair trade gifts and crafts around the world, and financially supports the Children’s Center and Alternative Learning Center. In addition to Artesanias, UPAVIM proudly runs its own bakery, soy factory and health clinic. To learn more about UPAVIM or to donate please visit:

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