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Kisserup is a global consultancy firm focused on the development and sustainability of micro, small and medium size businesses around the world. The firm takes its name from its roots, a small town outside of Copenhagen, Denmark called “Kisserup”. Today, Kisserup’s global presence includes direct project experience and a network of experts in over 90 countries. 

How We Work

Kisserup’s project work is funded primarily by international development organizations, public and private business support organizations, as well as trade and industry associations that foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Kisserup focuses on serving a cluster of beneficiaries (entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs) on behalf of its clients.  We do not work on retainers nor on a commission basis. This ensures that our team is free from conflicts of interest and guarantees equal treatment and quality of services for all participants in the cluster.  Kisserup’s cluster approach allows us to assist a wide range of enterprises and organizations.

Kisserup offers a wide range of services that focus on sustainable and inclusive growth, market analysis and studies and export promotion activities.

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Our Approach

We are driven to provide impact oriented results that positively influence the communities where we work. Kisserup aligns its services with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At its core, the SDGs are an urgent call for action by all countries, developed and developing in a global partnership, to tackle social, economic and environmental issues. Kisserup’s focus on the SDGs pillars builds tangible outcomes that leverage inclusive social upward mobility. From more women owned business and youth entrepreneurship to inclusive institutional strengthening that works for all members of society, we build capacity for sustainable growth.


Marc Usunier

International Initiatives & Recruitment, Edwards School of Business

"Pernille and her group are always great to work with, and the students always have a great time and appreciate her perspectives in the classroom!"

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